Simulating and visualising
your risk through technology

Our Mission

Dominus EYE is the first truly dynamic risk management analysis engine. 

It works by aggregating, interpreting and translating raw data from your current systems into a real time summary of risk across your estate. This provides an evolving picture of risk, empowering you to make the right decisions at the right time. 

We are experts in curating data for outsourced personnel service providers. We are having continued success in the manned guarding industry but are also capable of providing our services to events, catering, cleaning and other companies that provide human hours as an outsourced service. 

By operating with Dominus Tech services, your company can save both time and money. Your risk is managed by our risk management engine and deviations from optimum performance are pinpointed in real time, so you can act fast when alerted to both issues and opportunities.



Complexity Simplified

Simplicity is everything. The EYE dashboard immediately puts you in control of your data, allowing you to identify and extract your interpreted information in a touch of a button.

EYE eliminates complexity by visualising thousands of observations, scaling your risks and opportunities in a comprehensible manner. This is achieved through a carefully designed user experience that seamlessly leads you from query to solution.

Our interactive Time Chart offers a visual representation of your estate’s risk score. This gives you the ability to compare relative risk scores across all your risk entities thus granting you visibility on how your decisions have impacted your overall performance.  

Separating signals from noise, EYE streamlines strategic and operational decisions by finding mission-critical information from masses of data in real time, allowing you to dive into the details and make informed decisions.

Dominus EYE allows you to cut through the noise and focus on mission-critical data.   



“EYE really does put you ahead in terms of understanding what your data means.”

EYE is a truly transformative technology for understanding risk through data analytics. It is not just another tool that merely reshuffles the data. EYE gives you the understanding of what your data means and enables you to make the right decisions. We empower our clients to turn challenges into opportunities by knowing how much risk they can tolerate at any given time.  

We empower you to make smart trade offs by giving you a picture of your risk portfolio as it evolves. 



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Dominus EYE Journey





A highly diverse group, brought together by a shared desire to improve the risk management profession.

In order to understand Dominus EYE we must introduce the team behind the brand. We are a highly diverse group, brought together by a shared conviction that the risk management profession has fallen behind the technology curve. Through our own frustrations individually, we realised that the techniques and tools commonly practiced will not give a true representation of risk, both to those that can cause harm and to those that present gains.  

We are, in a sense, a group of misfits from very different backgrounds and practice areas. We believe that this is our strength, a strength that gives us a real edge in our approach to risk management. We are technology enthusiasts, with the knowledge of how revolutionary data science can be. 


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